Dear ladies and gentlemen!

In the year of bicentennial anniversary of domestic patent law the International Exchange for Commercialization of Innovation, the Russian branch of Licensing Executives Society International and the Science and Technology Association "Technopol-Moscow" are happy to announce that the First Russian Intellectual Property Auction is to be held.

We believe that this Auction will, firstly, play a significant role in drawing attention of both Russian and foreign investors to domestic innovative products and, secondly, help to acquire experience and models of civilized market of intellectual property.

Live auctioning of intellectual property assets began in 2006 and is becoming more and more widespread. The most well-known auctions are the ones held in the USA and Europe by ICAP Patent Brokerage company, and its predecessor organization, Ocean Tomo Transactions. Being true leaders in this sphere, the ICAP company specialists believe that such auctions contribute to the transparency of the market and to the liquidity of intellectual property, as during live competitive bidding a fair market price is being formed.

Since 2006 to 2012 the ICAP Patent Brokerage has held 15 live intellectual property auctions with lots quantity varying from 5 to 118 with over 40% of them being sold. Individual inventors, small and mid-sized companies, large corporations, federal and government agencies, academic institutions and investors take part in these auctions.

A special case of intellectual assets bidding is a situation when a large company is declared bankrupt. For example, in 2011 Nortel, Canadian manufacturer of communications equipment, sold it’s patent portfolio of more than 6000 patents and patent applications to a number of companies (such as Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, Research In Motion and Sony) for a record-breaking price of $ 4,5 bln (with a starting price of $ 900 thousand).

First Russian Intellectual Property Auction will be held on December, 12, 2012, in the Congress Center of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Il’inka St, 6/1, bld 1). The lots will include unique domestic products and projects. Investors from Asia, Europe and the USA are to participate in the auction.

For all those who are interested, intellectual property sellers and potential buyers: please look through Auction Documentation which is of free access on

You are welcome to take part in the Auction!

Belskaya D.E.
Director General of JSC “IECI”


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