Conditions of participation

Participation fee for Applicants-Sellers:

  • Natural persons — 3 000 Russian rubles*;
  • Legal entities — 10 000 Russian rubles*.

When nominating a lot with a confirmed value of more than 50 000 000 Russian rubles the participation fee is cancelled for the Seller. It is recommended to approve the item value by a report of an independent appraisor according to the requirements of the RF legislation on valuation activity.

The participation fee for Applicants-Buyers — free participation.

The participation fee for the Visitors of the Auction — 1 500 Russian rubles*.

* VAT included.

IECI OJSC account details  
(pdf, 17 kb)

Rejection of Seller’s Application

In case the Auction Committee rejects an application for participation in the Auction (more details are available on the Due Diligence and Conditions of Participation pages), the registration fee paid by the Applicant-Seller is returned in compliance with paying details in 10 banking days.  
If the registration fee is returned via payment system, money transfer period may vary depending on a payment system or a bank terms.

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