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Competition award: “Project of the Century”

 Project nameParticipantOrganization, UniversityAverage Point
1Technological parameters automatic controllerIvan DavydovIzhevsk State Technical University, Votkinsk Campus2.17
2Autonomous modules development  for reorganizing street lighting system Vitaliy TretiakovIzhevsk State Technical University, Votkinsk Campus 4.83
3Paraffin heat treatment of wood Vladimir KasatkinIzhevsk State Agricultural Academy5.00
4Engineering of technology and means of control of residual stresses in rail solid-rolled wheelsEvgeniy BalabanovIzhevsk State Technical University5.67
5Preparation and use of wax moth larvae extract activated  solution (long-term negative redox potential) for tuberculosis patients treatment Stanislav MalkovIzhevsk State Medical Academy  6.83
6LED lighting technology efficience increase in a poultry houseIvan NovoselovIzhevsk State Agricultural Academy6.33
7Options of the "Cyto-expert" device in myocardial infarction diagnosis Nicolay MaksimovIzhevsk State Medical Academy 6.00
8Corporate web traffic analysis system for anomalies detection in the use of artificial intelligenceAndrey Konin Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy 7.50
9Innovative social system of retail prices monitoring with the statistical  modules of quantitative information analysis in each retail sector and market analysis in generalIlvir Fatikhov Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy 7.33
10Industrial production of polymer fibers and composites based on the aerodynamic industrial waste processing technique Konstantin ShirobokovIzhevsk State Technical University5.00
11Human cardiac activity remote diagnostics system on the basis of daily Holter monitoring by using cloud computing Sergey Buev Izhevsk State Technical University 5.50
12Fast algorithms development and three-dimensional environment building system with the use of multi-step stereo-correlation analysisKira Konina Izhevsk State Technical University 8.17
13Automated system of technical documentation preparing for overall and oversized cargo railway loading with the use of photonic sensors and artificial intelligence methodsKira KoninaIzhevsk State Technical University 6.67
14Development of concrete structures integrated assessment methodology for critical damage anticipationAndrei MusalimovIzhevsk State Technical University/ Scientific and Production Association “Diagnostika” 2.83
15Electromechanical devices diagnostic system Maksim SaltikovIzhevsk State Technical University6.00
16Ionists of the FutureTatyana PisarevaUdmurt State University8.83
17Development of cleaning water technology and equipment to remove blue-green algaeSergey Pigalev Izhevsk State Technical University8.00
18Biomass (plant/animal origin) disposal Vladimir Kasatkin Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy6.17
19LED irradiators efficience increase Ruslan ValeevIzhevsk State Agricultural Academy 3.00
20Nano-scooter Michael ZaykovRussian Special Vehicles, Ltd. and Sverdlovsk repair and engineering works1.00
21Water as fuel (water burning)Fedor GlumovIndividual person0.00
22The "BUZINA" ultrasound biopsy needle-tip Aleksandr PastukhovPerm State Academy of Medicine named after Academician E.A.Wagner/ Department of Normal, clinical and topographic anatomy, operative surgery 2.33
23Software development for pharmacies - “AIDS Centers"Ekaterina BiryukovaTyumen State Medical Academy, Ministry of Health  and Social Development  of the Russian Federation2.83
24Air filtration system for patients with permanent tracheostomy Nasrulla Shanazarov Tyumen State Medical Academy4.67
25Computer program " The CEDS-04 Manager workplace" (Central Emergency Dispatch Service, gas leaks accidents)Vitaliy FakhretdinovTyumen State Medical Academy3.50
26The "Emergency Medical Services Manager" computer programVitaliy FakhretdinovTyumen State Medical Academy3.00
27Computer simulators for endoscopic surgery practiceVitaliy FakhretdinovTyumen State Medical Academy2.00
28Development of a machine for three-dimensional prototyping products Aleksandr StarikovTyumen State Oil and Gas University4.00
30Experimental confirmation of the multicomponent mass utilization efficience in ceramic technology George GorgodzeTyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering5.33
31Development of highly functional concrete with ash microspheres additionArtur SagradyanTyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering5.33
32Idustrial enterprises energy efficiency evaluationAleksey SkornyakovTyumen State Oil and Gas University4.67
33Asphaltic resinous paraffine sediments binary inhibitor Dmitriy NelyubovTyumen State University5.50
34Technology of creation, evaluation, multiplication and storage of soft spring wheat hybrid forms in a changing climateHelen RipbergerTyumen State University, Institute of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, Department of Biology.6.83
35Ecological and production characteristics of the F1 hybrid and local populations of the earthworm species Eisenia foetida of different landscapes of the Tyumen region southern partStanislav KozlovTyumen State Agricultural Academy1.83
36Dry food analogue of non-traditional food in fur farming Tatiana BalkhanovskayaTyumen State Agricultural Academy7.00
37Potato selection in the Ural Federal DistrictAleksandr GayzatulinTyumen State Agricultural Academy1.83
38Resource-saving technology of the man-made hydrogen sulfide processing in sorbent metals Nail AkhmadievInstitute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of The RAS5.50
39Remote information-action driving channel of a computer-aided machineAndrey ShevchenkoSouth Ural State University3.00
40Development of a universal unit of an autonomous vehicle navigation and drive control Artem KozlovSouth Ural State University6.33
41Mobile mixing complex development for mortars and concrete productionArtem PantyukhinSouth Ural State University, Innovative Construction Equipment Ltd. 7.50
42Road-building materials production on the basis of drilling waste Maria ZimakovaTyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering7.50
43Development of Arbol by wood waste and diatomite of the West Siberian region Olga SeleznevaTyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering1.00
44"Flower meadow"Julia Ponomareva“Fialka” Ltd. 4.33
45System of protected group interaction Aleksey PervushinIzhevsk State Technical University0.00


Competition award: “The Sixth Wave” Essay”

 Project nameParticipantOrganization, UniversityAverage Point
1New medicine. Emotional healthKseniya PlotnikovaUral Institute for the Humanities2.33
2Assessment of renewable energy sources potential (solar radiation case study) Sergey IsakovPerm State National Research University2.75
3winter clothing production engineering with the use of silicate microspheres fillerDamir KalievTyumen State University3.42
4Electrophoretic erythrocytes mobility research (patients with acute coronary syndrome) Tatiana MartynovaIzhevsk State Medical Academy5.00
5Nano-structured materials production based on innovative technologies in industrial waste processingMaksim KazantsevIzhevsk State Technical University4.42
6Ecology, alternative energy sourcesAleksandr MerzlyakovIzhevsk State Medical Academy4.00
7Development of water cleaning technology and equipment to remove blue-green algae Sergey PigalevIzhevsk State Technical University1.58
8Enzymatic agents utilization in the production of meat sauces of low-value raw materials of animal origin Rigina AbdrakhmanovaMagnitogorsk state technical university named after G.I.Nosov, Faculty of Technology and Quality, Department of Standardization, Certification and Food Technology2.58
9Poultry summer sausage production using starter culturesAleksandra SolovyevaSouth Ural State University2.58
10Dry feed as an analogue of non-traditional food in fur farming Tatiana Balkhanovskaya Tyumen State Agricultural Academy2.67
11Solving the problem of young specialists unemployment by innovation in higher educational institutionsMargarita Islamgulova Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities2.33
12Remote information-action driving control channel of a computer-aided machineAndrey ShevchenkoSouth Ural State University2.00
13Using collagen raw material modified with starter culture for sausage production Oksana ZininaSouth Ural State University3.75
14Complete diet dogs feed with health-promotion effectSania Zhakslykova Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G.I.Nosov2.67
15New effective drugs development to fight against pathogenic microfungi Guzel KhabibullinaInstitute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of the RAS4.75

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