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One of the key areas of our business is development and implementation of customized innovations. This intercommunication technology can be called "Design-Engineering Department outsourcing." But we offer you much more than a regular Design-Engineering Department. We offer a fully packed product - along with an investment package and a marketing system.

If you want to:
- improve the existing production process;
- improve consumer appeal of your product;
- optimize the manufacturing process;
- reduce production cost;
- solve the problem of waste and by-products;

Or maybe you see new income possibilities in:
- using new materials;
- creating new products;
- opening new industries based on the use of inventions.

If this is your case, then best experts and inventors of Russia will be put to work to solve these problems. We call the world's leading experts in various fields of science and economy.
The only thing we need from you is the order for invention and serious intention to implement it. And we shall take care of the rest.

Order R&D
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