PERUN spherical rotor machine and quasi-detonation positive-displacement jet engine

Project maturity level



Machine Building

Financial plan

Not yet available, the project is at conceptual stage.

Project Description

PERUN is a spherical rotor machine and a quasi-detonation positive-displacement jet engine.

PERUN may be logically included into the history of heat engines development. It inherits only best generic features from each of previous models and may become a top point of heat power generating systems development progress of today.

Possibilities of the PERUN construction scheme exceed volume and dimensions characteristics of current spherical rotor machines tens of times and may be implemented in machines of third and fourth generations in 10-15 years from the development starting point. For upcoming 20 years this sphere is to become even more dynamic and fruitfulthan the computer industry boom of this century, as the main motivation force of the process is preserving and rational management of the Earth’s nonrenewable resources.

Investment proposal

It is necessary to start preproduction with a provisional investment volume of 200 mln RUB.


   Project presentation 
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Project Manager’s contacts

Protopopov Evgeny
Chief Investment Officer, IECI, JSC
Tel: +7(342)259-44-16, +7(963)884-9999


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