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Information technologies

Financial scheme

Available upon request.

Project description

Utrofon is a state-of-the-art start-up which is currently at the ready-to-use prototype stage. Steady demand for the service from the target audience has been confirmed.

The product is either a special-purpose terminal fitted with a GSM module, a video camera, and a mic or a common smart phone with pre-installed software. The cloud call management platform will help properly distribute calls around free operators, keep statistics, and provide the consultants with access to the operation interface.

The service consultants will be engaged in remote call handling and other call centre activities. If requested by the client, calls may also be transferred to their relative, friend, or social worker.

Investment proposal

There are many collaboration opportunities, which we are eager to talk over in case you are interested in working with us.


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Project Manager’s contacts

Anton Kamensky
Project manager at IECI OJSC
Tel.: +7(342)259-44-16, +7(982)443-57-53
E-mail: kamensky@ieci.ru


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