StartUpAwards 2013 and IECI JSC

30.08.2013 11:50

International CloudsNN StartUpAwards — featuring projects of young cloud service and mobile developers — has been held on August 28 as part of Clouds-NN 2013 forum.

The jury have handpicked 20 most interesting and promising products and Cloud Games project by ENAZA company — affiliated with and supported by IECI JSC — came to be among them.

The jury board included representatives of the following companies: Saint Petersburg Association of Business Angels, Start Investments (Startovye Investiczii) Association of Business Angels NPO, iTech Capital, Almaz Capital's, the MSU International Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship,, IVS GC, Microsoft, Filter Investment Consultants, CLEVER business incubator, Inoventica, Softline Venture Partners, Starta Capital, Seed Forum, Intel, and BDC.

"The best 2013 cloud technology start-up" award was given to the product featured by International Exchange for Commercialization of Innovation (IECI JSC) and ENAZA company, Cloud Games. The product developers received ,000 as a reward.

Also, our project received a special prize from Start Investments (Startovye Investiczii) Association of Business Angels NPO and Intel company.




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