Japan Showcased the World's Fastest Train

23.09.2013 16:37

Japan showcased the fastest train in the world, maglev, which levitates above ground.

Japan Rail showcased a brand new train that can speed up to 500 km/h. It looks like the train development team did not bother too much in choosing its name and sweetly named it as JR Tokai L0 Series Shinkansen. The train on magnetic cushion levitates above the tracks with no friction whatever the weather.

Currently the train is test-running between Tokyo and Nagoya and is seen to be launched in a fully-featured mode in 2027. In order to minimize the air friction the train was fitted with an extremely long and pointed nose. The test-running trains will be equipped with 16 cars able to fit in up to 1000 people. A 350-kilometer-long way will now take just 40 minutes to cover, while other high-speed trains need up to 95 minutes to cover the same distance.

In spite of being really production effective and having a lot of advantages, this project throws real financial challenges—amounting to 0 bln—which need to be overcome in order to develop a fully-functioning transportation service system between Tokyo and Osaka (about 500 km). If everything runs to the plan, the Japanese will be able to move around the country faster than ever.

You can find the photos and video below:

Source: http://habrahabr.ru/post/193780/



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