International Agency for Commercialization of Innovation

has been established to address the interests of:

  • inventors, researchers and developers of innovative products, technical solutions and technologies committed to commercialization of their inventions;
  • holders of intellectual property copyright interested in their business expansion;
  • investors taking interest in the establishment of new markets of high-technology products.
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General Provisions

The databank contains information on:

  • inventions and developments;
  • innovative product ideas;
  • companies requests for innovative technological solutions;
  • experts in different areas of science and technology;
  • specialists in consulting to ensure legal and financial support for the commercialization process;
  • regulatory acts governing the intellectual property civil transactions and current court practice;
  • leading patent agencies of Europe and BRIC countries.



Office 217, 41 Petropavlovskaya Street, 614000, Perm, Russian Federation
tel./fax: +7 (342) 259 44 16, +7 (342) 259 44 17