Competition Regulations

From idea to investment.

Regulations on the first interregional youth innovation project competition “Discoveries of the Age of Change”,

held as part of the first Russian Investment Forum “Rus-Inno-Business-2012©.Small Innovative Business in the Ural region”.

Competition Regulations

  1. The present Regulations stipulate the procedure for the first interregional innovative youth competition “Discoveries of the Age of Change”.
  2. The present Regulations stipulate the requirements for contestants, application procedure, as well as the competition timeframe, and should remain in effect until all competition related activities planned by the organizing committee take place.
  3. Participation in the competition is free of charge.
  4. The organizers of the competition are the “IECI” OJSC, the Interregional Association of Economic Cooperation between the RF Regions "Big Urals".
  5. The only official resource about all competition events is (Competition)

Competition Goals and Objectives

  • to assist commercialization of innovation projects;
  • to create conditions for a dialogue between innovators and investors;
  • to select and promote promising projects.

Competition Awards

Thereare 2 competition awards:

Best innovation project

“Project of the Century”: into this category should fall the projects that might have a decisive effect on certain industries, national or international economy. Those projects might be at any development stage.

Requirements for the project resume: 1-5 pages long, Times New Roman typeface, 12, 1.5 line spacing.

Best innovation idea

“The sixth wave” essay. To compete, an essay should contain ideas on a product or technology that belong to the sixth technology wave.

Requirements: 1-5 pages long, in the Times New Roman typeface, 12, with 1.5 lime spacing. A bibliography is an advantage.

Competition Participants

  1. To take part in the competition, one should be a student, young scientist, representative of small and medium business, or a young entrepreneur beyond 35.
  2. Every participant should decide for herself/himself as to what subject area her/his research belongs to:
    • Biotechnology;
    • Nanotechnology;
    • Investing in human capital, educational systems of a new generation;
    • New practices in the nature resources usage (involving high-ecotechnology);
    • Robot engineering, artificial intelligence, flexible man-free manufacturing systems;
    • Laser equipment;
    • Space- and super-efficient energetics; moving away from hydrocarbons, decentralized smart energy grids;
    • Critical technologies in old industries (to save resources, energy and labour);
    • New vehicles (heavy-duty capacity; speed; long-distance; cheap);
    • Combined transportation systems;
    • Manufacturing pre-designed construction materials;
    • Mansion–based urbanization;
    • “Polis” cities;
    • New medical care (health development, health recovery);
    • Humanitarian high-tech;
    • Improving human skills and organizational capability;
    • Hydrogen as a pure energy source.
  3. To take part in the competition, you must register your project at
  4. By submitting a project resume to take part in the competition, the participant thus confirms that the resume contains no commercial, state or any other secret and gives consent for the organizers to enter the project data into the competition data base.
  5. For more details on how to take part in the competition, the participant should contact the organizing committee.
  6. Competition winners will be chosen from those participants whose projects are marked by originality and well developed.
  7. Competition winners will be invited to attend the First Russian Investment Forum “Rus-Inno-Business-2012©. Small innovative business of the Urals region.” in Ekaterinburg that will host the awarding ceremony. The competition Organizing Committee is to cover transportation and accomodation costs for the competition winners.

Participant's Application

  1. Applications receipt is to start at after the competition documents and information about the opening of the competition are published.
  2. To take part in the competition, a participant should fill in an automated application at Applying after the application deadline will not be possible.
  3. The materials received shall not be returned to participants.

Competition Winners

  1. The following awards will be given to competition winners:

    Winner 1

    A 100 000 RUB grant to form a patent family::

    • Filing a patent on a technical solution;
    • Obtaining a lisencefor anindustrial design right;
    • Registering and developing a trademark.

    Winner 2

    A 70 000 RUB grant to develop a project business plan and a financial model in compliance with the requirements that would be set forth by a potential investor.

    Winner 3

    A 50 000 RUB grant to develop a product brand and a PR-strategy.

  2. Winners of the essay competition will receive special awards from the Competition organizers.
  3. All Competition nominees will have their ideas and projects recorded in the data base at
  4. The winners may avail of their grants using the services hereinabove withing the 2012 after showing a certificate in the IECI office (216, 41 Petropavlovskaya St., Perm, Russia) and signing a services contract. In case a participant lives in another city, the sevices contract will be signed in Yekaterinburg after the awarding ceremony with further distance work.
  5. Grants cannot be paid in cash or cash equivalents.

Competition procedure

  1. The notification about the start of the competition is published at the IECI official website ( and in other mass media until December 05, 2012.
  2. Pariticipants’ applications are received through the automated form at
  3. Participants’ applications are received until 20.02.2012.
  4. Participants’ appications are registered by the Organizing Committee and are given unique numbers.
  5. The Expert Committee summarizes the competition results and chooses winners.
  6. The decision of the Expert Committee cannot be contested.
  7. The Organizing Committee appoints the experts of the Expert Committee and a number of experts.
  8. Expert review of the applications will take place: from February 20, 2012 through March 5, 2012.
  9. Experts of the Expert Committee should rate projects and essays 5 points maximum using an evaluation sheet according to Annex 1.
  10. The total score of a project/an essaywil bea sum of all scores in each position with the average score calculation.
  11. The winning projects and essays will be the ones with the highest score.
    If projects/essays score is equal the winner will be selected by judges majority voting. In case of tie vote the vote of the Chairman of judges should be a casting vote.
  12. The voting results should be recorded and the record should be signed by the Chairman of judges.
  13. The information about the winners should be published at until March 5, 2012.
  14. The award cere6ony will be held in Yekaterinburg on March 16, 2012 as part of the first Russian Investment Forum “RUS-INNO-BUSINESS 2012: Small Innovative Business in the Urals Region”.

Organizing Committee

  1. The Organizing Committee is set up to arrange and carry out the Competition.
  2. The Competition Organizing Committee provides consultancy to the Competition participants on how to fill-in competition documents, accepts those, approves the Expert Council membership and arranges its work; approves decisions of the Expert Council; informs participants about the decisions on a project/essay; organizes the award ceremony for the competition winners.
  3. The Organizing Committee is not to cover any expenses related to application and projects/essays development.


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  Annex 3
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