Redekop Alexander Garoldovitch 

— Chairman of the Board of Directors, “IECI” OJSC — International Exchange for Commercialization of Innovation.

In 1994 started his business activity. Since 2000 is the Director of the "Permsnabsbyt" Procurement Company" CJSC. Marketing Director, the "Anod" Oil and Gas Equipment Factory" Ltd.These companies are the leading suppliers of cathodic protection equipment. For the contribution to economy development the "Permsnabsbyt" Procurement Company" CJSC is awarded a diploma of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a diploma of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Owns 18 licenses and patents on engineering solutions.

Since 2011 is the head of working group on intellectual property under the aegis of the Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Developer of the Perm region legislation in innovation, building background for people’s technical creativity in the region.

Awarded “Golden Mercury” badge of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a medal “For Business Development”.

Barabash Alexander Sergueevitch

— Director, “Promsvyaz” Science and Industry Park” Ltd.(Perm, Russia)

In 2004 got a degree in physics and mathematics in the Perm State University.

Being a student he worked as a program developer in the “Morion” OJSC science and technology center.

After graduation started his business. Today holds office of Director of the “Promsvyaz” Science and Technology Park” Ltd. with the principal direction of establishment and new innovation-based production development.

Maramygin Maksim Sergeyevitch

— first Vice-president of the Ural State Economic University.

Was born on July 2, 1965 in the city of Sverdlovsk. In 1986 got a degree in “Finance and Credit” in the Sverdlovsk National Economy Institute. Got his post-graduate education in Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (1990-1992).

As he graduated from the SUEF was allotted to the Zheleznodorozhnoye (Railway) Department of the USSR Stroybank in the city of Sverdlovsk and three months later he was transferred to the “Finance, currency and  credit” department of the SUEF as a teaching fellow, starting his way up to a Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Besides  training specialists for the national economy, Maksim Sergeevich is actively working with graduate students. So far he has prepared nine candidate of economic sciences. By the beginning of 2010 he has been a mentor to 12 post-graduate students and 14 candidates.

A full member and since 2009 Deputy Chairman of the Doctoral Dissertation Council DM 212.287.02 with GOU VPO «Ural State Economic University”.

During his career he has published over 140 scientific, educational and teaching works. Maramygin M.S. is the author or co-author of 8 monographs, 16 textbooks, 8 of them with the stamp of Educational-Methodical Association of Russian universities. His most significant works published in the XXI century are "Finance, money circulation and credit," 2001, 2002, "Economic theory" 2002, "Money. Credit. Banks “ 2006, 2007, "Money Management of Enterprises"  2006, 2007.

In 2003 he was awarded a medal for participation in the 2003 census by a Presidential Decree, in 2007 received the badge "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation." In October 2009 he was elected Chairman of the money and banking department.

Poletayev Georgy Mikhailovitch

— Executive Director, the "Association of Science and Innovation Authorities and Enterprises of the Perm Region".

G.M. Poletayev manages organizational issues on scientific research commercialization, creative youth support, management of conferences and competitions devoted to preparation and selection of research projects with commercialization potential, works actively with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.

Initiator of the U.M.N.I.K. competitions that allowed over 50 students carrying out research work, to receiveannual aid of 200 000 rubles, manages application preparationfor the START programme which is to grant small innovation-based productions non-refundable aid up to 6 mln rubles.

Works in cooperation with innovation-based enterprises in the city of Perm, helps to attract investment for research implementation. At the post of Executive Director of the Association he focuses on research and innovation activity effectiveness increase issues in Perm small enterprises, its successful integration into the Perm region economy. He participates actively in development and implementation of legal documents regulating research and technology activity in the region, activity management coordination in implementing research and technology policy in the region and carrying out scientific research.

Pomorzeva Natalia Yurievna

— Head of Intellectual Property of the Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Is the head of the Department of Intellectual Property of UB RAS since 2002. Fellow John Smith, UK (John Smith Fellowship). Management experience in the innovation sector as a manager of innovative projects. Abroad experience (Canada, USA), including patent attorneys in foreign countries. Ms. Pomorzeva is also a senior lecturer at the Intellectual Property Management Department in the Ural Federal University.

Steigerwald Maxim Yurievich

— Head of the Investment ANO "Innovation Centre for small and medium-sized businesses",  MICEX listing agent, DCF RVC venture partner.

Certified by the degree of CAIA (Alternative Investment Analyst) and is a candidate for certification CFA (CFA level 3 candidate).

From 2001 to 2006 - Assistant to a trustee in cases. Years 2007-2010 - Partner of the “Real Capital Investments” investment consultancy.  Accompanied  mergers and acquisitions of companies with foreign capital, project finance deal of investment projects. The total amount of closed deals - more than 33 billion rubles.  The largest deal - 6 billion rubles. From 2010 to the present  is the Head of Investment Department of ANO "ITSSO." MICEX listing agent, venture partner, DCF RVC.

Dmitryi Tolmachev

— Director General of the "Expert-Ural” magazine, the Head of the "Expert-Ural" analytical center.

Had  been working in the banking system for seven years as the Head of analytical department of a large Ural bank.

Ph.D. in Economics. Holds  an MBA  degree (Graduate School of Business at MSU). Lecturer of the Economics faculty.

Since 2002 is the Head of the "Expert-Ural" Analytical Center . Under his leadership "Retail Banking in the Urals in 2004-2005", "Ural market for auto loans", "Consumer loans in the banks of the Ural", "Mortgage loans in the Urals," "Small Business Lending in the Urals", "Investments of the Urals" studies were conducted. 2006 - 2010 years. - Chief editor of "Expert-Ural" magazine. Since 2010 is Director General of the "Expert-Ural" magazine.

Volkov Vladimir Anatolyevitch

— Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Big Ural” interregional association. Member of the Expert Councils of the RF State Duma and the Council of Federation.

Was born in Sverdlovsk on 25 March 1948.

In 1971 he got a degree in electric engineering in the Ural technological university n.a. S.M. Kirov; in 1987 graduated from the Sverdlovsk Higher Party School; in 1999 graduated from the Russian Academy of State Service at the RF President (Regional Development Management).

In 1971 — 1989 works his way up from an engineer-constructor to a party committee secretary at the Sverdlovsk Machine Building Plant n.a. M.I. Kalinin.

In 1989 — 1991 he holds a post of a People’s Deputy of the USSR, Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Committee for Labour and Social Issues of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

In 1994 — 1998 he holds a post of the Sverdlovsk Region Duma member.

Since 1992 worked as the Deputy Chairman, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Big Ural” interregional association.

Since October 2007 has been the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Big Ural” interregional association. Member of the Expert Councils of the RF State Duma and the Council of Federation.

Working in one of the Excutive Committee head managers, participated actively in the Urals economy development. Managed organization and activity of the Coordination Councils of the Executive Committee on budget and taxation, consumer market, energy saving, forestry, tourism, international and external economic activity and others.

Encouraged the process of including the Sverdlovsk region into the EU project on energy saving techonogies implementation. Resulting from this in 2009 experts from the EU prepared fuel and energy balance.

Awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the Medal “For Labour Valour”.

Married. Two daugthers, four grandchildren.

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