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Medicine, pharmacology

Financial plan

Available, sent on request

Project description

SENSOMED complex is a comfortable, not tight-fitting T-shirt with respiration and physical activity sensors. Via a smartphone or a base station the data is transmitted to the server and is available in the personal account on the site.

Application -diagnostics and treatment of sleep apnea (breath holding while sleeping) of adults and children on an outpatient basis.

Important - The device is very easy to use, has no wires or pipes, which is of fundamental importance in diagnosing children.

How to use SENSOMED: put on the shirt and go to bed as usual.

Diagnostics involves breath measurement throughout the sleep cycle: breathing rate, time and duration of breath holding (apnea), respiratory arrhythmia, motor activity, heart rate (in project), temperature (in project).

Investment proposal

18 million RUB for a 10% company share


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